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TAZ Trucking offers a wide variety of trucking services. Whether you need your load hauled across town or across the country, we can make it happen. Our team takes pride in making your delivery safe, and on time!

our services

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TAZ Trucking is glad to offer Full Truckload services with food grade 53ft Dry Vans up to 45,000 lbs.


Our Less than Truckload services are designed for freight that can be split in several smaller shipments.

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We have a team of local drivers that take pride in being very efficient in their tasks and always on time!

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Most of the loads that we haul are long distance. This means that you are likely to see our trucks all over the country.

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drop trailer

With our drop trailer services we can drop and hook trailers at your yard so that you can load / unload them at your time.

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With a driver team, the load can be delivered in half of the time due to the fact that we are able to work double time.

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Truck Repair

 Along with having parts for sale, we also offer full service truck repair! The best part is that this is available to all drivers, you do not have to be a TAZ Trucking driver to take advantage of our services. We have a cross dock, and alignment bay to make sure your truck gets the full service that you deserve.

Wash Bay

Over time your truck can get dirty. Come by and get a full wash in our Wash Bay! Not only can you get a great wash, but we also offer full service detailing as well. Just like our repair shop, you don’t have to be a TAZ Driver to take advantage!

Tenants of TAZ Business Center Conference Room Scheduler

We offer two different sized conference rooms for our tenants, a small one that can accommodate 4-6 people, and a large one that can accommodate up to 12 people.